Best Baby Shower Gifts in India-Gifts for Baby Shower

best baby shower gift ideas

Looking for best Baby Shower Gift Ideas?  Baby Shower is so special occasion for would be mother. On this special day, you all gather to pre- welcome the new life in this world. There are lot of things required at the arrival of newborn. So help their parents in making arrangements for new baby goods. There are end number of baby shower gift ideas. But i bring the best that matters a lot for your baby.

Cushion & Cups

It is one of the best baby shower gifts. It is a combo of  Cushion and Coffee for Mom To Be. The combo is good quality, cute and affordable gift for would be mothers.

Baby Bedding Set

A new born requires lots of love and special care. So a new parents have to arrange a separate bedding set for the new born. This bedding set is so soft that is compatible and made accordingly for the newborn.

Baby Blanket

A regular blanket can’t be used for the baby as it may cause rashes. A very soft blanket is required for the baby. This blanket is so cute to give for the new born. It is compatible for soft skin of babies. It is organic product and comfortable for all season. It is one of the best baby shower gifts ideas.

Sleeping Bag

A newborn requires lots of special care and warmness whether inside or outside. You can’t carry new baby bare. This sleeping bag is necessary item for the newborn. Would be mother will definitely so happy after having this lovely gift item. This unique baby shower gift is perfect for 0-6 months.  Sleeping bag requires a lot when to take baby outside.

Gift Set 

It is 13 piece baby clothing set contains socks, T-Shirts, Pyjamas etc. It is made from very high quality and soft fabric. It protects the soft skin of new baby. It is high utility item for the baby.

Himalaya Herbal Gift Pack

It is one of the best baby shower gifts idea. This Himalaya Herbal gift pack is perfect for day today needs of babies. It contains gentle baby shampoo, nourishing baby oil, diaper rash cream, moisturizing baby soap, baby power, baby lotion and gentle baby wipes. It is best gift item for daily needs of newborn babies.

Baby Carrier

It is a perfect baby shower present. It is suitable for 3-12 month babies (0-10 kgs). It is perfect for infants, this carrier can be used from 3 to 12 month old babies. Easy to take baby outside with this baby carrier. It is dual side adjustment fits the baby comfortably around the waist and legs. Adjustable buckle and straps construction maintains physical contact with the baby.

Baby Pool

It is one of the best gifts for baby shower. This baby pool is so unique baby shower gift ideas.  Baby will definitely enjoy the bath in this cute pool. He will stay safe while bathing in this small pool.

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